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European Korfball Championships Final Day

October 31, 2010

An excellent performance by the Belgian guys, led by David Peeters, in the final, combined with some pretty poor shooting from the Dutch men meant that the Netherlands needed their female players to step up in order to win the game – and they did just that with 9 goals, and plenty of penalties won. In the middle third of the game, when the Dutch forgot they had that option, Belgium pushed them very close, and only with 6 or 7 minutes left did it become apparent that a huge shock was going to be beyond them.

In the other final matches, after the close games in the semi final round, these matches were fairly comfortable wins for the Czech Republic for 3rd place, Catalonia for 5th, and Portugal for 7th, but it remains the case that there is very little to separate the 2nd tier of countries – it wouldn’t have taken much to change for the Portuguese to finish 3rd.

Saturday saw a series of very tight matches, with Hungary beating Poland for ninth, Wales edging out Ireland for 11th (a potentially significant result as it makes the Welsh first reserve for the World Championships, in case any European side drops out), Slovakia were too strong for Serbia and the Scots finally won a match in overcoming Turkey to avoid the wooden spoon.

Final Rankings and top scorers for each sex:

  1. Netherlands (Bakker 49/Tims 13)
  2. Belgium (Cleyman 47/Vandenberghe 15)
  3. Czech Republic (Sladek 31/Jonakova 10)
  4. Germany (Dulfer 27/Holtkotte 15)
  5. Catalonia (Castillo 24/Aloma 8)
  6. England (D Brooks 25/Dawson 9)
  7. Portugal (Costa 32/Antunes 23)
  8. Russia (Kazachov 38/Davydova 13)
  9. Hungary (Benkovics 15/Nagy 26)
  10. Poland (Rubinkowski 33/ Jozefaciuk 9)
  11. Wales (Wilkins 28/Bennett 9)
  12. Ireland (Conroy 30/Rowden 4)
  13. Slovakia (Mendel 19/Walova 19)
  14. Serbia (Bojanic 16/Jankovic 19)
  15. Scotland (Brayne 21/Whittaker 15)
  16. Turkey (Akta 14/Sel 10)
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