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Quarter Final Stages

October 26, 2010

The carrying of victories from the first pool stage combined with the results today mean that many of the semi-final line-ups are known with a game to spare.

The Czech victory (in the 6th minute of Golden Goal!) means that they and the Belgians are in the semi-finals, along with the Dutch. The last place remains to be decided, following Germany’s victory over Russia, which leaves the possibility of both countries, along with England finishing on 3 points. Goal difference in matches between the sides would then be crucial.

Currently that stands as Germany +1, Russia +1, England -2. So Russia would need England to win by either 1 or 2 goals, a 4 or more goal would put England through, and any win (or a golden goal defeat) would be enough for Germany. A 3 goal margin of victory for England would mean that they would be tied on goal difference with Russia, but would be eliminated on head-to-head following Russia’s win over them in the first stage.

Ireland and Hungary are both in the 9th-12th place semis, with a game between the two tomorrow to decide seeding. They will be paired with Poland and Wales, who won against Turkey and Scotland respectively. Tomorrow’s games will simply decide which team will play which. The Polish victory was fairly straightforward, but the Welsh had to come back from 12-7 down just after half-time, to come out 18-15 winners.

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